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Review: The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) by Andrew Mead & Rob Percival

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Respected Udemy instructor Rob Percival has answered the brave new world of backend JavaScript, teaming up with Andrew Mead to produce The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition). In this course, Rob takes the back seat, acting as producer while Andrew shows you the ins and outs of this compelling runtime.

By now, learning Node is virtually a prerequisite for becoming a full-stack or backend web developer.

Gone are the days of tutorial sites cranking out PHP and Java lessons…Node combined with other tools like MongoDB are the embodiment of the modern, in-demand “JavaScript everywhere” ethos.

The course clocks in at about 34.5 hours.

Aside from learning the basics of Node, such as the module system, debugging, HTTP requests, and even touching upon “vanilla” JavaScript with some ES6 practice, you also learn how to work with Express, Rest APIs, and MongoDB. In addition, you build multiple projects throughout with quizzes to check your knowledge.

Andrew Mead Screenshot
Screenshot from the Asynchronous section discussing callback stacks, queues and event loops.

The four projects you build are:

1. A note-taking app to get your feet wet

2. A weather app that interacts with the MapBox and Dark Sky APIs

3. A task manager REST API with user accounts & authentication

4. A real-time chat application with a client-side companion

One thing you can always count on Rob and his team to do is keep courses updated.

Andrew Mead Screenshot 2 Node
Andrew also shows you how to work with Postman, an API testing tool.

This is so important in web development, where tech is constantly changing. Going six months to a year without updating a course can be a death sentence in many situations. But with The Complete Node.js Developer Course, Rob and Andrew stick to their updates no matter how tedious. This 3rd edition ensures you’re able to work with the latest version of Node without any issues.

The Instructor

Instructor Andrew Mead leads you through 34.5+ hours of Node material in The Complete Node.js Developer Course.

An accomplished developer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Andrew Mead has an awesome energy about him.

Within the first lecture, you can tell he’s enthusiastic about sharing his Node knowledge.

This stage presence is crucial in keeping things interesting while promoting student engagement. Have you ever taken a course where the instructor sounds like he’s watching paint dry when teaching? It’s a surefire way to make a course boring. And that is a recipe for failure when it comes to student success rates.

Fortunately, even though The Complete Node.js Developer Course is nearly 35 hours in length, Andrew manages to keep his energy levels consistent while delivering valuable lessons on Node. Whether it’s working with web servers or MongoDB & Promises, all the way to deploying on Heroku.

Overall, the Node projects, the enthusiastic Andrew Mead, and the thoroughness of topics make this a go-to course for aspiring Node developers.

Check out the course here!

A few things you’ll learn in Andrew Mead and Rob Percival’s Node course:

1. Node.js

2. Npm

3. Asynchronous programming

4. ES6/ES7

5. MongoDB

6. Express

7. Socket.IO

8. JWT Authentication

9. Mongoose

10. File and image uploads

11. Email sending

12. Application deployment with Heroku

13. Version control with Git

14. GitHub

15. REST API Design

16. Code testing

17. Debugging

18. Jest

19. Numerous additional tools


TONS of content

Good projects 

Clear, knowledgeable instructor


Some projects aren't the most exciting

Would be nice to have additional projects 

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