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Brad Traversy

Meet Brad Traversy.

Full Stack Web Developer & Instructor

Brad Traversy Udemy Instructor

Featured Review: Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

As one of the most popular coding instructors on YouTube, Brad Traversy also boasts a diverse portfolio of Udemy courses.

Originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area, he first started a computer repair business and then moved on to web development work.

Once associated with Eduonix, Brad has since started his own company Traversy Media where he teaches everything from Bootstrap, to Django/Python, to Node.js and everything in between.

Brad’s speciality is explaining complex topics in an accessible, easy-to-understand style. By the end of his courses, whether it’s on Udemy or even his crash-course style videos on YouTube, you will have a quality project (and sometimes multiple) that you will have built from the ground up.

Well on his way to a million subscribers on YouTube, he is one of the few channels that also produces high-quality Udemy content. Perhaps his biggest selling point is that whatever class you take, you will come out with a portfolio-ready project with a few tweaks.

In his flagship course Modern JavaScript from the Beginning you create not just one, but ten projects ranging from a calorie tracker to an OOP book listing application. This ensures that you get plenty of hands-on learning with something to “show off” (or at least push to GitHub!) by the end of his courses.

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