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Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML and CSS

Build Real World Websites with HTML and CSS by Jonas Schmedtmann (Udemy course review)

October 20, 2019

In an era of coding bootcamps, what exactly makes an HTML and CSS course so special?

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5 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Learning JavaScript

August 8, 2019

Learning JavaScript is tough. Fortunately, there are a few life hacks I’ve learned over the years of learning JavaScript that have really helped my knowledge.

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Become a Web Developer in 7 steps two guys talking

How to Become a Web Developer in 7 Steps (2019)

August 6, 2019

You’ve checked out this coding thing and decided you just might want to become a web developer. Great! Welcome to the wild world of taming the unruly and magical beasts we call computers. Your Big Gulp coffee mug and mechanical keyboard eagerly await you! Seriously though, life usually changes for the better when you become […]

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JavaScript emblem

5 JavaScript Books I Regret Not Having as a Code Newbie

August 5, 2019

Here are the 5 JavaScript books I regret not having as a code newbie.

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Udemy Login Issues

Udemy login issues: 5 possible problems (and solutions)

July 28, 2019

Udemy login issues are frustrating. 😡 Not only do they prevent you from enjoying your courses, they can also cost you a lot of time and money. Here are 5 problems that may be causing your Udemy login issues with possible solutions. 1. Your IP is blocked for some reason. Sometimes your IP will be […]

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Best online platform is Udemy

20 Reasons Udemy is the Best Online Learning Platform for Web Development

July 23, 2019

As a web developer, you’ve probably seen quite a few educational sites. But which online learning platform is worth your time and money? From Thinkful to Skillshare, to Udacity and Lynda, there is no shortage of options. But one options stands out in particular: Udemy. So why is this the best online learning platform? Let […]

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Andrew Mead Node Course on Udemy Thumbnail

Review: The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) by Andrew Mead & Rob Percival

July 21, 2019

Respected Udemy instructor Rob Percival has answered the brave new world of backend JavaScript, teaming up with Andrew Mead to produce The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition). In this course, Rob takes the back seat, acting as producer while Andrew shows you the ins and outs of this compelling runtime. By now, learning Node […]

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What is Webpack? Colt Steele Announces FREE Webpack course

July 16, 2019

Top-selling Udemy instructor Colt Steele has released a free Webpack course. Available on YouTube, this 10-part series is geared towards newbies who may not have ever had any practical experience with this modern web technology. The first video in the series starts as a gentle introduction to Webpack, a 9-minute intro that answers the basic […]

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