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Colt Steele vs Andrei Neagoie: Who has the better coding bootcamp?

Andrei Neagoie vs Colt Steele headshots

In today’s matchup, it’s Colt Steele vs. Andre Neagoie.

Hello coding bootcamp fans and welcome to the showdown! In this Andrei Neagoie vs Colt Steele battle, these instructors are dueling for the best coding bootcamp on Udemy.

So which courses are we exactly talking about here?

1. The Complete Web Developer: Zero to Mastery – Andrei Neagoie

2. The Web Developer Bootcamp – Colt Steele

Pro tip: check out the comparison table at the bottom of this article for a quick look.

On one hand, Colt Steele’s The Web Developer Bootcamp has nearly 500,000 students, with a stellar 4.6 star rating overall.

On the other hand, newcomer Andrei Neagoie’s The Complete Web Developer: Zero to Mastery includes critical features that have gone missing from Colt’s bootcamp, including ES6. With a 4.7 overall rating, this course is tough competition.

Technically, Neagoie’s The Complete Web Developer: Zero to Mastery is the most cutting-edge when compared to Colt’s course. For example, not only does he include ES6, but expands it all the way to ES9. In addition, Neagoie includes relatively newer CSS features like CSS Grid Layout. (That’s the technical name, anyway. Most people just call it the Grid). And he also dismisses the notion of jQuery being a requirement for the modern web developer. No signs of this JavaScript library are found anywhere in this 32.5 hour course.

Finally, while no frontend framework is featured in The Web Developer Bootcamp, Neagoie’s course features React + Redux. This, along with many other tech tools, are used to build the capstone project.

However, Colt’s The Web Developer Bootcamp is nothing to dismiss. . .Not yet, anyway.

The strongest technical point of his course is the capstone project, a full-stack Node.js app. This app essentially lets users perform CRUD operations on camping info. CRUD is a common programming/database term that stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. Fusing these basic operations with a full-stack toolkit allows students to build a nice-looking app.

At the same time, the build is methodical and taken step by step. Further, you get plenty of warm-up practice with smaller projects before entering the Yelp Camp world. For example, there’s a todo app, color game, and other frontend projects that precede Yelp Camp.

That said, Andrei’s capstone project is a real head-turner.

Not only does he invest a large portion of the course showing you how to build it, but the concept is also very cool. It’s called Smart Brain, and it’s a facial-recognition app that implements Machine Learning (ML). This is another example of how Andrei’s course is much more attuned to bleeding-edge tech, pulling in ideas from other areas of the tech world.

Finally, both instructors offer a Discord server and Teaching Assistants on Udemy. However, it does appear that Andrei is more personally involved in his server than his counterpart. That said, Colt’s Discord is managed mightily by Ian, the head TA, and you are sure to get assistance by joining either of these Discord servers.

You can’t go wrong with either of these courses, but as far as quality and newer tech goes? In the Andrei Neagoie vs Colt Steele battle for best coding bootcamp, I think Andrei wins.

Check out the courses here:
The Web Developer Bootcamp (Colt)

The Complete Web Developer: Zero to Mastery (Andrei)

Andrei Neagoie vs Colt Steele at a glance:


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3 thoughts on “Colt Steele vs Andrei Neagoie: Who has the better coding bootcamp?

  1. I think Colt could win this one with his teaching style. He is a much better instructor imo. If Colt would take the time to update the course, like seriously update this, he’d surely top Andrei’s course.

    1. Oh totally. Colt’s course was like the gateway for me, the first “real” web dev course I ever took. I was instantly engaged. If there was an update with ES6 and maybe a little intro to a FE framework it would be boss.

  2. Hi Michelle! I’m curious what things specifically about Colt’s teaching style would you say is different / better than Andrei?

    Thanks for your help.

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