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The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects by Jonas Schmedtmann review

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Too long, I have better stuff to do (TL;IHBSTD)?

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects by Jonas Schmedtmann is one of the few vanilla JavaScript courses on Udemy that delivers.

Udemy has a disturbing number of programming classes. For example, just type in “JavaScript” and you’ll get nearly 8,000 results.

For those who enjoy variety, this sounds like heaven. But it quickly turns into a confusing pile of muck if you’re simply looking for a plain ol’ JavaScript course.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects by Jonas Schmedtmann
Quantity over quality best describes results for JavaScript courses on Udemy.

Surprisingly, there just aren’t very many vanilla JavaScript Udemy courses that are up to standard. Like…at all. There’s Andrew Mead’s Modern JavaScript Bootcamp. Brad Traversy’s Modern JavaScript from the Beginning comes to mind, as does Anthony Alicea’s breakthrough JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (check out our reviews on those!).
And a few others.

But seriously, out of all of those 1000s of results, where are all the regular newbie-friendly JavaScript courses?

Whatever the reason, Jonas Schmedtmann’s The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects is one of those standout JavaScript courses.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019 Jonas-Schmedtmann
Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost this much IRL. 😆

Clocking in at around 28 hours, the course is perhaps the most in-depth of them all without leaving newbies in the dust.

It starts out with nearly four hours of the basics, then eases in to some theory – which admittedly may require a few viewings if you’re new to programming. However, Jonas’ style is accessible and geared towards newbies, so even more in-depth concepts like hoisting, scoping, and the `this` keyword are explained with the beginner in mind.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects also covers all the stuff you’d expect with a beginner’s JavaScript course including:

But Schmedtmann also adds some valuable intermediate and advanced concepts like:

Additionally, in The Complete JavaScript Course you work on three projects including a feature-rich budget app.

There are also plenty of opportunities to test your knowledge including a 30-question final course exam.

As a bonus, The Complete JavaScript Course features a Node.js mini-crash course near the end. If you’re interested in checking out the basics of this JavaScript runtime, it’s a really handy section. It could also be beneficial if you’re working on becoming a full-stack or backend developer. But even frontend devs can benefit from learning the basics of Node.

Do keep in mind that Schmedtmann has an accent (German?) that can sometimes catch you off guard. However, his microphone quality is consistent and his voice is clear. There are also closed captions in English as well as many other languages including French, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian and more.

jonas Schmedtmann
Jonas is an experienced web developer and is inching toward 1 million students on Udemy. That’s pretty impressive!

To summarize: there simply aren’t that many good vanilla JavaScript courses on Udemy.

Jonas Schmedtmann stands in a class with only a handful of other JavaScript instructors. The Complete JavaScript Course 2019: Build Real Projects is worth the investment if you want a thorough, newbie-friendly introduction to JavaScript.

Check out the course here!


Sticks to the important JavaScript basics

Good selection of projects

Knowledgeable instructor


Can be difficult to understand instructor

"Advanced beginner" concepts may be frustrating for people new to the language

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