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Is Udemy worth it? 10 Reasons Udemy is Better than College

Is Udemy Worth It

Is Udemy worth it? 

To shed some light on this topic, today we’re comparing Udemy to a Udemy competitor: college. 

College is a place filled with learning, exploration, friends, and probably beer pong. There’s no doubt that college experiences can be some of the best of our lives. But with the hefty price tag many of us are rethinking the college experience.

And it’s not just the cost of tuition that makes alternate education options like Udemy more appealing. Today we’ll show you 10 reasons why Udemy is hands-down worth it and light-years ahead of nearly every college out there.

So why is Udemy worth it? Let us count the ways.

  1. It’s about 7,000% cheaper than college tuition. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local community college, an area university or an out-of-state school known for its prestigious education and really smart instructors. College is expensive. Too expensive! In fact, college graduates have been known to graduate with over a million dollars in debt!

    The thing with college is that you’re not only paying for your instructors’ salaries, but also things like administrators’ salaries and even stuff like grounds maintenance. To add insult to injury you are also charged student fees to help pay for the campus Couch Potato Club. Guess who’s paying for that fancy TV monitor in the dining facility blaring Desperate Housewives when you’re trying to eat lunch? Yep, you are.

    On the other hand, Udemy doesn’t have that overhead. Thus you pay much, MUCH less. As in…TEN DOLLARS to learn practical web development. Or A FEW BUCKS to learn Python. Or…anything else you want to learn. Is Udemy worth it judging on this metric alone? Indeed.
  2. Material is actually up to date. Colleges have red tape and lots of people who make lots of rules. And since many colleges receive a large chunk of state and federal tax money to help with their operations, the rules are even more strict. Every curriculum change must be approved by a table of crusty school admins who think XML is the hottest thing to hit the web since sliced monkey toast. Check out Southeast Tech’s course on “Internet Programming Essentials” where you’ll earn four credits for learning about DHTML and XML. This stuff was hot in 2003, but it’s 2019.

    Conversely, Udemy has hundreds of courses to choose from and sometimes thousands depending on your discipline of choice. For example, a search on Python returns over 10,000 results! The best courses on Udemy are updated regularly so you don’t have to worry about using totally outdated tech. No more learning things that are relic of the past. For example, this article was published in July 2019 and Andrei Neagoie’s course The Complete Web Developer in 2019: Zero to Mastery was updated this month despite its initial release over a year ago. If you’re still asking “is Udemy worth it” and this metric didn’t impress you, read on.
  3. You don’t need to buy expensive textbooks. All the stuff you need to succeed in the course is either inside the Udemy course itself or available as a free resource (like a link or downloadable) provided by the instructor. Unlike college, you don’t need $200 textbooks with Udemy.
  4. You can fast-forward your teachers when they start rambling. Thanks to the modern wonder known as the video player, you control your teacher. If you’re bored, the instructor gets off track, or you already know something…Just hit that lovely fast-forward button.
  5. No class clowns to distract from learning. You’re a lone ranger on Udemy, separated from the clownery usually endured at any college campus. No frat nonsense, no hazing rituals, no listening how one time at band camp the girl next to you…Well, you get the picture.
  6. No more brutal commute. Or worrying about your bike getting jacked…Or spending an hour on the bus where that really weird guy always stares at you and asks if you’ve seen his pet alligator that ran away…or…. You can hit the beach, chill out on your favorite comfy chair, or take Udemy courses wherever you want all without spending hours trying to get to class. It’s a lot less stressful on Udemy.
  7. You’re going green. The only carbon footprint you leave is when you jot down a note on how JavaScript closures work. Unlike college you don’t drive to class on Udemy. You don’t sit behind and desk and get reams of paper handouts you’ll glance at once or twice. You aren’t contributing to the massive power needs of a university library with 500 computer workstations. Believe it or not, you’re saving the environment by taking a Udemy course.
  8. You can listen to loud music in study hall. By “study hall” we mean your spare bedroom with the subwoofers and a headbanger metal playlist on iTunes. Since Udemy courses can be taken anywhere where you have a device with an Internet connection, you can rock out how you want. Studying the finer points of Vue never rocked so hard.
  9. You can pause your instructor and even rewind him. Asking a college professor to repeat himself six or ten times during one lecture isn’t practical. (And you’ll probably get a dirty look or two from the rest of the people in class.) But on Udemy, you can rewind your instructor when something gets complicated and pause for a deep breathing session. You are truly in control of your education.
  10. You won’t flunk out for skipping lame homework assignments. While many Udemy courses feature assignments, quizzes and projects you won’t flunk out if you don’t feel like doing them. For sure, these things can help you get a better grasp on the material, but if you absolutely hate toads and the project calls for you to build a toad identifier web application, just skip to the next section. Better yet, make that project your OWN. There’s no penalty on Udemy for customizing the assignments and projects.
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Class, meet your instructors. They all cost about $10-$15 and teach you real-world skills. Did we mention you can also put them on pause and fast-forward them on demand?

So, is Udemy worth it? We definitely think so.

Especially when compared to college, Udemy offers seriously unmatched value and control. When you’re in college the school controls how you learn. On Udemy you control your education. . .All for the price of lunch. Choose wisely.


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