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10 Reasons You Need to Enroll in JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (right now)

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JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts is a must-have – like must must-have – course for JavaScript developers.

If you’ve been wondering how the language actually works, this course is a perfect match. But don’t just listen to us mindlessly yelling at you to enroll.

Here are 10 reasons you need to enroll in JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts right now:

10. The instructor actually knows what he’s talking about. A lot of so-called Udemy instructors act like they just read the documentation ten minutes before hitting the record button. Not Anthony “Tony” Alicea, producer and instructor in JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts. Tony has a calm demeanor and takes the time to methodically show you how JavaScript works “under the hood.” Some of the things he expertly shows you:

  • ✅ Execution Contexts & Lexical Environments
  • ✅ Types & Operators
  • ✅ Objects & Functions
  • ✅ Object-Oriented JavaScript & Prototypal Inheritance
  • ✅ Building Objects
  • ✅ And a lot more, like examining famous JavaScript frameworks like Angular.
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9. It’s high in protein. Clocking in at just under 12 hours, JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts is short compared to other web development courses. Many often push 30 and even 40+ hours in length. But don’t fool yourself – those few hours you and Tony spend together are going to be brutal. He squeezes in a lot of information in, so be prepared to stop the videos often.

8. It’s the one JavaScript course that doesn’t need to be updated. Not updating a web development course is a death sentence. Web tech has the shelf life of a gallon of chocolate milk. Many times all it takes is a few months before a course is useless! Something with npm is janky, the language itself has been updated, there’s no longer support for a certain whatever – but none of this applies to JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts because it’s all about the theory –– not tooling or implementation.

7. It’s the only course like it on Udemy. Seriously. Look it up. Nobody even comes close to delivering the info that Tony does in this course. Nobody dares try because they know they won’t come close!

6. Somebody already took notes for you. That’s right, thanks to a really generous person on GitHub named Jason you can check out his notes from every section of JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts. Thanks Jason.

Need 5 more reasons? Here ya go:

5. You don’t have to stress out about debugging huge projects – there aren’t any! With the exception of the “Let’s Build a Framework” section (which he basically shows you how to build a JS framework in under an hour) this course is 100% old-school lecture. You’re learning cold, hard JavaScript theory. That means no massive projects, lengthy quizzes or other things you may expect in a typical Udemy web development course.

4. You’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes other JavaScript devs make. Developers who don’t understand the quirks of JavaScript are doomed to fall into a lot of coding traps. But since you’ll learn the “weird parts” as promised by Tony, you’ll avoid many of their mistakes while differentiating yourself as a capable and intelligent dev.

Tony’s slides are easy to read and well designed. . .Even the closing Thank You For Coming slide!

Sustainability, debugging, and new skills:

3. It’ll show you how to write sustainable JavaScript code. In other words, you won’t be a developer who simply copies and pastes the first solution they see on Stack Overflow (although haven’t we all done that once or twice or many times…). Similarly, you won’t work with JavaScript frameworks and not understand how they work underneath the hood. This gives you tremendous leverage as a developer – soooo many devs just don’t know how JavaScript works.

2. You’ll became a master debugger. Why do we even need to debug stuff in the first place? Because stuff breaks and we need to fix it. Why does stuff break? Because it isn’t written properly. In JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts you learn how to write sustainable JavaScript code that is well written, reducing the amount of time spent debugging your applications. Further, because you understand how the core of language works, you’ll be able to efficiently debug when things do go wrong.

1. You’ll learn how JavaScript *actually* works. This is a huge skill that will open so many doors. Whether you’re trying to build a JavaScript application for personal use, get skilled up for a job or just become a better programmer, JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts is your ticket to JavaScript wisdom. It won’t change the difficult parts of the language (which is most of it) but it will show you JavaScript in a whole new light.

With over 120,000 students enrolled, JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts is your golden ticket to becoming a better JavaScript dev.

Whether you’re a code newbie or a current developer, this course has something for everyone. Not to be missed!

Check out the course here!


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