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Learn & Understand NodeJS by Anthony Alicea isn’t a Node bootcamp, but it should be

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Anthony “Tony” Alicea has put your typical NodeJS bootcamp to shame.

While most content creators focus on code-alongs, tools, and syntax, Tony’s priority is teaching core concepts.

Best known for his classic course JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts, he’s also released a few other courses including Learn & Understand Node JS.

The funny and crazy thing about Learn and Understand Node is that it’s not even a final course!

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Released in 2016, Tony emphasized that this was the Early Bird version and not all content was published.

Since its release it hasn’t been updated once. Yet the instructor has such a way with teaching that this course beats out any other NodeJS bootcamp out there.

With ample servings of JavaScript and C++, you learn everything from the C++ core portion of Node to the finer aspects of NPM, Express, the event loop and much more.

NodeJS bootcamp alternative Tony Alicea Learn and Understand NodeJS

As he explains in the intro video:

“In this course, we’re not going to just write code. We’re going to work on understand on what’s really happening and why it’s working the way it is.”

Tony Alicea

Much like his flagship course JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts, Tony Alicea is mostly lecturing during the 13 hours of video material.

With 5 articles and 53 downloadable resources, this course’s metrics are a lot more modest than many “superstar” courses. You’re not building tons of projects either. In fact, the one project you do build at the end of the course is super rushed. He shows you the MEAN stack components and an hour later poof! (MEAN = MongoDB Express Angular Node.) It’s fine for seeing how it all fits together but don’t plan on putting this in your web developer portfolio.

NodeJS Bootcamp alternative MEAN Stack project
The MEAN app project is rushed but at least worth the watch.

The strongest selling point of Learn and Understand NodeJS is Tony’s incredible lecturing skills.

Nobody likes being talked to for hours on end but his delivery and information are on point. He’s also newbie friendly without being too basic or condescending.

Who should take Learn and Understand NodeJS:

Whether you’re looking for a NodeJS bootcamp in Cleveland, California, Cairo or Cape Cod, don’t drop all your cash just yet on an in-person camp.

NodeJS Bootcamp alternative Tony Alicea Learn and Understand NodeJS
5 star reviews still roll in for Learn and Understand NodeJS despite the course’s age.

You may be able to save a ton of money going with Tony Alicea’s Learn and Understand Node.

Despite its age, it’s one of the few Udemy web development courses that still remains relevant.

No, you’re not building monster projects and the one you do build is a rushed let-down. But if you want to understand what the hell it is your building and otherwise doing when working with Node. . .It’s the best course out there.

Check out Learn and Understand NodeJS here!


Outstanding content that focuses on theory rather than implementation

Knowledgeable & clear instructor

Good vocals & other production values


The one project is half-baked & rushed

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