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The Complete 2019 Web Development Bootcamp by Angela Yu (Review)

Angela Yu Complete Coding Bootcamp Udemy Review

At first glance, Angela Yu’s course mirrors the content of Colt Steele’s classic offering The Web Developer Bootcamp.

And at a whopping 43 hours with over 100 articles and downloadable resources, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with Angela Yu’s similarly-titled The Complete 2019 Web Development Bootcamp.

It’s certainly worth a second look.

But let’s back up for a minute and explore the concept of an online web developer bootcamp on Udemy. Virtually all of them start out identically: 

1. Intro to HTML

2. Intro to CSS (also Intro to Bootstrap)

3. JavaScript

This sequence is applied for good reason. These three main concepts (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are the cornerstones of frontend web development. Even if you plan on becoming a backend developer, these are still good things to know! The purpose of any code bootcamp on Udemy is to act as an extended crash course, creating “zero to hero” devs in 30 to 40 hours’ worth of video.

But after that trio of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the bootcamp instructor is given some wiggle room in how they organize the rest of the course. In Angela’s case, it’s nearly a one-for-one exchange with Colt Steele’s: you learn jQuery, DOM manipulation, command line commands. Then it’s on to the backend with Node, Express, APIs, and Databases. Predictably, the course covers MongoDB but Angela also dedicates a 20-minute lecture on the difference between SQL and NoSQL, plus adds a nice half-hour segment dedicated to SQL and some basic commands.

Angela Yu Udemy photo
Angela Yu

Despite the majority of material mirroring Colt’s course (including some projects), there are a few added sections that really stand out.

For one, Angela has a 3 ½ hour section on app security – so critical, yet sorely missing from similar courses. Next, she features a bonus module on Design School 101: from color palettes to font choices, alignment and interaction design, no other online web developer bootcamp covers this. And since many web developers will be responsible for UX/UI considerations, this material is all the more valuable.

But what really sets this course apart from any other online web developer bootcamp is Angela’s deft use of animations and illustrations. For example, when she explains how JavaScript arrays work, she illustrates the slicing method using a cartoon loaf of bread, with each element acting as its own slice.

online web developer bootcamp Angela Yu slices graphic
Angela’s production values, including her animations keep things fun and interesting without skimping on the nitty-gritty of web development concepts.

But these animations aren’t just for the sake of being cute: In that same lesson she not only explains how slice works (showing you directly in console), but also shares a time-saving tip on how to quickly check if your slice is working as intended.


The course contains numerous projects that vary in degree of difficulty. These include the classic todo list, a drum machine, a landing page called Tindog (a funny spinoff of the Tinder dating site), a newsletter app, a full-fledged blog and more. Of these projects, the newsletter app and blog app are two standouts for potential portfolio-worthy pieces (with tweaks, of course).

Students build a landing page using their Bootstrap 4 knowledge with the Tindog project.

It’s this combination of relevant tech + unique illustrations + clear explanations + a splash of geeky humor + projects that puts Angela’s material in front of the pack, whether it’s Colt Steele’s very-similar-in-content course or any other online web developer bootcamp on the market.

Overall, The Complete 2019 Web Development Bootcamp may seem like a variation on the typical online web developer bootcamp. But looking deeper, Angela brings consistently engaging material along with additional sections not found in other courses. Even if you’ve already invested in another all-in-one course, Angela’s style illustrates concepts in new, engaging ways that make the concepts stick. 

Check out the course here!

A few things you’ll be learning in The Complete 2019 Web Development Bootcamp:

  • Front-End Web Development
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Javascript ES6
  • DOM Manipulation
  • jQuery
  • Bash Command Line
  • Git, GitHub and Version Control
  • Backend Web Development
  • Node.js
  • NPM
  • Express.js
  • EJS
  • REST
  • APIs
  • Databases
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • Web Design
  • Deployment with GitHub Pages, Heroku and MongoDB Atlas

Outstanding production values

Engaging instructor

Diverse projects with varying levels of difficulty

Good course organization


Mirrors Colt Steele's course in many places

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