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React vs Vue: take this 5-question quiz to guide your learning

React vs Vue head to head

React vs Vue: both of these frontend JavaScript technologies have been out for a while now. Yet the debate rages on about which one people should learn.

On one hand, React has the backing of big corporations – even its roots are steadily attached to Facebook where it was originally developed.

On the other hand, Vue promises things that make it more accessible to developers around the world.

Not-so-coincidentally, React and Vue have a lot of things in common. This includes:

…Amongst other things. That said, there are a lot of differences between React and Vue. Not only is it tough trying to figure out which one to pursue, the other issue is finding a good learning resource to help build your skills. Today’s React vs Vue quiz not only assesses your needs and wants as a a developer, but also recommend two damn good courses to help you get skilled up.

Let’s get quizzical!

React vs Vue, which should you learn? Take our quiz to find out!

No matter what your quiz results are, React and Vue are both good tools for building interactive user interfaces. In order to choose the best one for your next project you’ll need to take numerous factors into account. These include your use case, business and employment needs, developer environment, your availability as dev, budget, and your timeframe.

React vs Vue: Dev Experience & Performance

Essentially Vue is lightweight, easy to learn, and offers a very nice developer experience. Its templating syntax is familiar to those who have even just a little bit of web dev experience. Like React, Vue also uses components so that integrating or migrating your existing projects to Vue is a lot smoother. This is also why it’s especially great for startups.

When it comes to performance, Vue is just about the same as React. But results will vary due to optimization efforts and app size. Documentation is extensive and fairly newbie friendly.

State management, routing and server-side rendering (SSR) all have official and modern packages with Vue. And once you start using Vue CLI 3 and Vue UI you can set up and deploy a project SUPER quickly.

Conversely, React shines when it comes to building complex enterprise-level apps. The job market is in desperate need of React devs. And because its community is so large and mature (React has been around a little longer than Vue), if you have a question it will no doubt be addressed by a knowledgeable member of the React community.


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