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Rob Percival

Meet Rob Percival.

Web Developer And Teacher

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With a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University (UK), Rob Percival has a whopping 1.2+ MILLION students enrolled in his Udemy courses, ranging from his best-selling Node course to the Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Much like Maximillian Schwarzmuller, Rob built websites for family and friends for fun, but he soon learned that web development was a lucrative career option. Giving up his successful but sometimes stressful job as a teacher to work part time and he says “today, couldn’t be happier.” 

Rob is also passionate about teaching kids to code, so each summer he runs Code School in the city of Cambridge (UK). In addition, he operates a popular web hosting and design service which lets him share personal experience and knowledge with his students.

Whether Rob is teaching the course himself or enlisted one of his talented fellow educators, a hallmark of his style is quality organization.

In other words, the courses are logical for students (perhaps influenced by his Mathematics degree?) and thus easier for them to understand. He also brings a twist to his Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, one of the very few (if the only one) that includes Python. That course also features a section on mobile development, another critical topic that’s not usually covered in Udemy bootcamps.

But no matter if Rob is teaching Python or showing you how to use an API, as he says, “You wouldn’t believe the freedom that being a web developer offers.” 

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