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Featured Review: Modern React with Redux [2019 Update]

Working in the San Francisco Bay area as a software engineer, Stephen’s flagship Modern React with Redux Udemy course is one of the best-rated on the platform.

With a natural ability to simplify complex topics, Stephen Grider has been mentoring engineers starting their careers in software development for years. Stephen expanded that experience to Udemy, where he now shares his expansive knowledge with other aspiring and current software engineers.

Stephen is one of the few Udemy “superstars” who hasn’t produced an all-in-one web developer bootcamp, focusing instead on more specific topics. He is also notable for his more intermediate and advanced courses, including Advanced React and Redux.

While his best-selling courses are largely front-end focused, he also has released quite a few backend productions too, including Node JS: Advanced Concepts and Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide.

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