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Review: The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele – best Udemy code bootcamp?

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Today we’re reviewing one of the most successful Udemy courses of all time: The Web Developer Bootcamp.

When The Web Developer Bootcamp dropped on Udemy, it changed the game forever. But is this course still worth your time and money?

One of the biggest problems self-taught web developers face is finding quality, up-to-date learning materials. Despite the thousands of programming blogs, just as many full-length coding books and countless free YouTube videos, aspiring developers often find themselves back at square one very quickly. 

When The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele was published, nobody really knew the impact it would have on the self-taught web developer community.

For one thing, a bootcamp-style course for online students wasn’t really “a thing” just yet. Promising the same material taught in an in-person bootcamp Colt teaches at, the course could be had for the cost of lunch. 

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Since its debut, The Web Developer Bootcamp has gone on to enroll nearly 450,000 students. It’s racked up nearly 130,000 reviews, and maintains a stellar 4.6 star rating. 

So what’s all the hype about, and does The Web Developer Bootcamp live up to its name? 

At a whopping 47+ hours and featuring 13 projects, the bootcamp starts out with the logical first steps in learning web development: HTML, CSS (progressing all the way to Boostrap 4 with Flexbox and Layout; Bootstrap is a CSS framework which is a fancy way of saying it helps make your webpage layouts look nice), and then JavaScript. Those sections alone add up to about 19 hours of learning material. 

After this holy trio of web development concepts, Colt throws your the first project of the course: The Color Game.

In this project, you take your newly-learned dev skills to build an interactive game where players match the proper color block with any given RGB code. You’ll be using all the stuff you picked up with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build it –– this is a challenging but fun first project.

The Web Developer Bootcamp Color Game project

Once you’ve built the Color Game, Colt ventures into jQuery. While some may argue that jQuery is outdated (indeed, many parts of it are for modern web development), it is still a very practical tool used in millions of production-grade applications. Even if you never use jQuery on your own, there is a good chance your employer has at least a project or two that incorporates some components of this powerful JavaScript library. Shortly thereafter comes your second project, a todo list. This classic project has you integrating jQuery with HTML & CSS to create a clean-looking todo app.

At this point, the second half of the course kicks off, with an intro to backend. What’s nice about this transition is that by now, you’ve already built out at least two projects (with one additional optional project, an animated sound kit) so you’re familiar with the general web development workflow. Things may be getting harder, but also a little easier! 

Just like the rest of the popular bootcamps, PHP and MySQL isn’t spoken here in the back: it’s all about JavaScript, baby: starting with Node and then diving into MongoDB, The Web Developer Bootcamp sticks with a JavaScript ecosystem throughout the entire course, ensuring you’re getting the most modern experience possible.

From here until the end of the course you’ll be working on a large project called YelpCamp.

This project is intense, and pulls together everything you’ve learned so far in the course, and even covers UI (user interface) improvements as one of the last lessons. Finally, you’ll get a handle on Git and GitHub, then deploy your new creation – a modern and fully functional web app that worthy of showing off. 

While videos are the cornerstone of any Udemy course, Colt also pushed past the common instructor trap of simply pressing the record button as he coded. This is a much more interactive course, featuring lectures, slides, downloads, readings, assignments, pictures of his dog Rusty (gotta keep it a little fun), and much more. 

Colt is also a personable instructor and excellent communicator, who keeps things interesting and occasionally light-hearted while sticking to the “protein” of web development.

Colt Steele with cat

But even though Colt is great and the material is top-notch, this course is long.

Remember, while the videos themselves are 47 hours, expect to be stopping frequently throughout the course to absorb the information, setup your development environment, practice your newly-learned skills and work on your various projects assigned throughout.

This course could literally take months to complete. Prepare accordingly and buckle up for the ride.

If you really want to get a head start, set up a GitHub account so you can push your projects you complete in this course to your account, allowing you to get even more familiar with how version control (Git) and GitHub work.

Missing Features

My biggest critique with this course is that it doesn’t cover ES6 (this basically brings new, important syntax and features to JavaScript) or a frontend framework. In my opinion, both of these are requirements for modern web developers. It’s also something one would expect to see in a web developer course that could be considered close to “complete” for beginners. (Using doubt-quotes here because no course is ever truly complete in software development).

Worth the investment?

Recently updated in June 2019, The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele still lives up to its reputation. With a respected name in the field dropping practical web development knowledge, Colt is also unafraid to throw in cute pics of his dog Rusty, just to keep things from getting too boring. 

If you’re looking for a friendly, knowledgeable introduction to the wild world of web development, this is your course.

Even better, by the end of the course you’ll have experience building 12 projects, which is invaluable when it comes to learning how things actually work.

Check out the course here!

A few things you’ll be learning in The Web Developer Bootcamp:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap 4
  • SemanticUI
  • DOM Manipulation
  • jQuery
  • Unix (Command Line) Commands
  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • ExpressJS
  • REST
  • MongoDB
  • Database Associations
  • Authentication
  • PassportJS
  • Authorization

Engaging instructor

Diverse content

Fun projects with various challenge levels


No ES6

No front-end framework

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